Welcome to my new website, this is my entry into the blogosphere and of course MTB mediocrity… This will be a journal of my training, travels and tribulations.


I am Aaron,  a 30yo male, chasing the dreams of my 23yo self. A mountain biker, avid road rider and more importantly a husband to my wife and father to my daughter… In my spare time I work in construction management!


The Year That Passed:
For me 2013 was a year of change, not only was it a big change moving the family back to Victoria from Queensland after nearly 4 years away it was also big change in the lifestyle that went with it; the year saw me get back onto the mountain bike after visiting the local mountain bike park for the first time in years, it saw me enter my first MTB race in years, it saw me ride a road bike for the first time in years, and also saw me make the decision that if I am going to have a crack at “racing” I might as well have a decent crack. The hunger for riding and competition was back!


The Year to Come:
This coming year will be about setting goals, striving to achieve them and hopefully ticking them off my list!

I guess the reason for the page… To chase my dreams of mountain bike mediocrity!

So my goals for this year are listed below; some simple ones but others will require hard work and riding smart rather then the usual hammer all the time and call going up a hill twice “intervals”; there is more to it then that and the science of training is something that has always interested me so there will be a bit of that posted here from time to time too…

This year I want to ride 12,500km.

I want to ride down the coast, for something different!

I would like to tackle the climbs of  south side of Mt Macedon, Donna Buang, Lake Mountain and Falls Creek.

I would like to do well in Age Group at the 2014 XCO Nationals, I use the term “do well” very loosely as XCO is not my preferred event (to short), but the race this year is in one of my favorite riding spots so why not.

This year I want to finish strong at the Wombat 100, I was kicking myself I missed the race last year even though my unfit self surely would have died; Wombat Forest is somewhere I have a love for having ridden there quite a bit when I was younger making an almost weekly trip to go ride there.

This year I want to chase the podium, and hopefully make one of the steps in the 2014 Victorian Enduro Series. Last year I made massive improvements as I got fitter though the year managing an 11th and a 7th later in the season. This goal will be one of the biggest challenges of the year but I don’t think it’s too unachievable if I work hard during the year.

Start racing road more actively, I had my first race with my local club in October I promised the race coordinator I would be back after taking line honors in the Spring Handicap but haven’t been back due to other commitments. I would like to do the remainder of the local Crit Series and a few other races during the year as they pop up.


So that’s it, me, the year that was 2013 and the goals for the year 2014 to come – stay tuned for more updates as they happen; I will endeavor to make updates weekly if I can even it’s just to ponder my thoughts, read “dribble crap”.


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