Little Things I Hate!

There isn’t much I hate about riding, or even dislike for that matter but there are frustrations from time to time when it comes to the equipment one chooses to use.

I use tubular tires on my road bike as I much prefer the way they feel not to mention I got my Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL’s for a price so cheap I felt like I’d robbed the guy I brought them off.

Anyways last week install a new “Tub” on the rear after doing 3500 trouble free kms on the last set… On Saturday I was coming home from a Z1/Z2 ride down to Torquay and back when I hear an almighty “twang” after hitting something on the road… I stopped thinking I’d snapped a spoke or something, all looked fine so off I set again!

Get home only to find a nice 1cm split in my rear tire; a tire that was only 300kms old!!!!!

After much trouble and my first experience pulling a tubular tire apart, it’s now patched; hopefully I will get another 3000kms out of it because these things aren’t cheap! Very glad I got a set of Conti’s of a firend, rather then shelling out $100 + a pop for a set of Veloflex’s like I was going to.


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