Long & Easy!

For most longer rides are reserved for the weekends; I guess I am lucky enough to have reasonably flexible working arrangements
coupled with the fact that I am a stupidly early riser, midweek brings a good opportunity to get in some KM’s without impacting on family life “too” much.

So this morning I get dressed and head to the shed without much of a clue of where I was going,  only knowing that it would be a relatively easy Z1/Z2 ride. This morning I opted for something a little different and set off towards the coast and Cadel country hoping for a decent ride. The wind was a little more then I had bargained for with the first hour of riding completed at 23kph, fortunately once I reached Ocean Grove the wind was at my back along the beach all the way to Torquay and a lovely cross wind back home.  Ended up riding a solid 96kms in 3:24:30 (28k avg), most of the ride completed in Z1 (2:05) and Z2 (1:07), with a little fluff when pushing into the wind, and the odd climb.

This is the second time I’ve headed down the coast in the space of a week; it offers something different to the farmland around my home. As I said to another local rider on the way home on the weekend “there is only so many times you can see the same tree and still be interested”. The change of scenery has renewed my interest in doing longer rides – I feel an epic one coming up.

Didn’t spot Cadel, but it was a great ride all the same!




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