Last Week In Review & A Race Report!

Last week was a horrible one; not because of anything in particular other than the fact that it was hotter then HELL – 40c and above for a majority of the week meant getting out on the bike at bullshit o’clock was the only option if one wanted to get a ride in; even then it was still hot. Now I don’t mind the heat, but 32c at 5am is just a little too much!

This week was planned to be a shorter week anyways with only 10hrs of riding on the cards; but just because it was short doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard and fast with quick rides on Wednesday, with the group on Thursday and Crit racing on Saturday. If I could figure out how to post my Training Peaks “time in zone” chart I would – but in summary 82mins ABOVE lactate threshold in a week is… Well working hard!

Out before the heat sets in!

Race Report: As I mentioned above, I raced on the weekend it was my first of hopefully many Criterium races I had a blast and here is a little race report!

I’d been meaning to do Geelong Cycling Club’s summer crit series all summer unfortunately due to other commitments I missed the first half of the series before Christmas – finally on Friday I decided to get my CA license so I could race on Saturday. I tossed and turned all night wondering if I should be racing B-Grade or C-Grade as this would be only my first crit (second road race)… I rode 20km from home to the race to warm up and see how I felt – the scene was set, B grade it was.

The race was fairly uneventful, it started at a steady but reasonably quick pace and the bunch of about 25 or so stayed together for a majority of the race with only a few one man breaks from time to time which the bunch would soon dispose of. With the mountain bike experience in mind I tried to position myself nearest the front as possible but found myself naturally rotating through the bunch a little, front one lap, back next, then front again. I felt good as the race progressed despite my HR being well above LTHR! Soon we got the “3 Laps” board, I was excited and feeling good – until midway though the 3rd last lap, I come down the decent to the back of the course much faster then the bunch as I had most laps; soon I found myself closing the gap to the single man break in front of me, but also with a gap the bunch behind me… I look back only to see the bunch winding up “fark” I thought to myself!!! It felt like the whole bunch had just hit warp speed and flew past, I hammered up the climb to the start finish area trying my arse off not to get dropped from the bunch, doing my best just to grab a wheel, I didn’t care who’s at this point but the gap got bigger, and bigger, and bigger…. I finished the race circulating by myself, with only sight of a few other riders that got blown out the back a few minutes after I did.

So that’s it first Crit race done, I probably could have done better but I think my lack of experience probably let me down a little (little hard early on). Still I had a blast riding with GCC and B-Grade so naturally I will be back next week to do it all again!

I was neither happy nor disappointed with the result, the race offered a great opportunity to add some decent intensity to my riding; not too dissimilar to an XCO event. Hopefully the Crits pay off leading into the run to XCO nationals, and later the XCM and Endurance events I’ve planned for the year!


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