Go Slow To Go Fast!

It’s hard sometimes to ride a bike and not go “fast”, well not even fast but slow, painfully slow!

It’s well documented that recovery rides should form part of any good training program, they serve a vital purpose increasing blood flow to the muscles fibers which helps deliver nutrients to aid muscle repair and remove metabolic waste. During training we are essentially undertaking a process of breaking down the muscle fibers, and then rebuilding during recovery / rest periods – without well thought out and planned recovery there is too much “breaking down” and not enough rebuilding… Any ways more on my point is not so much what happens during a recovery ride, but the fact that they are quite difficult.

Naturally if you spend a majority of the week riding a >30kph, when it’s time to go <20kph on the flat, with 90RPM Cadence the body just feels uncomfortable, it feels almost un-natural; hence these rides are difficult to do properly. The scenery rolls by every so slowly, your arse gets sore when it otherwise wouldn't and well you could be forgiven for being bored out of your brain.

Back up!!!… “The scenery rolls by”, these slow easy rides give us the opportunity to witness or notice stuff we wouldn't otherwise pay too much attention to… My picture for today is the sunrise from this morning; it’s something that happens every day, but also something I wouldn't pay too much attention to…



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