Making use of time…

As most with children know finding time for “other stuff” is often difficult, occasionally impossible – between family time, activities, bad moods, illness, and factor in work it’s little wonder most of us with children can’t get that VOLUME of riding we’d like to at least not without coming home to a cranky wife/partner or worse, divorce papers on the dining table. So sometimes you just have to make do with the time you’ve got, but if you are clever you can still get in some good training.

Yesterday was a prime example, it was a day off from work for me and I had secretly been planning all weekend to get out on the mountain bike for 2 or 3 hours; unfortunately sick kids, and a sick wife meant getting out on the bike for a few hours just wasn’t going to happen. So I continued my love affair with the fluid trainer, this time knocking out 4 x [4x 15sec on / 15sec off] Z7 intervals, combined with a warm up and cool down this 30min workout left the legs feeling like jelly!

Sure the total workload was only 3mins, 07sec (fell short on a few) but all of it was >150% of FTP and much closer to 175%-200% FTP, but these short intervals offer a host of Neuromuscular adaptions. In hindsight these intervals probably aren’t too far from MTB specificity really, as “short blast” power is often used for hammering up pinches, or clearing trail obstacles.


Next race!
With the next Vic Enduro Series race not until the end of June, I am looking for a filler – subsequently I am hoping to the Dirty Gran Fondo in early May, this race has been on the to do list since its inception with its European style stocked up feed zones and finish areas with sweets, treats and even free coffee, people racing on cross bikes, great atmosphere, etc… Sounds like a winner!

Link for those keen:


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