Self Validation!

I have had a quite uneventful month or so since the last update; the planned trip to Albury for VES Rd2 was a “No Go” due to a house full of sick children and a subsequently grumpy wife… Granted it was cold, wet and windy and the race was a slop fest but missing the race was quite a psychological blow having not raced the MTB since April it made me start wondering just why I was doing this again!…

Every now and then when the chips are down, I find it helps to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of sorts. I sat down the other week and thought I would do a bit of validation of my goals I set at the start of the year; some of these were pretty simple goals but goals non the less. Sometimes I think we lose sight of what we originally set out to achieve and get caught up in what we are doing, improving or whatever else to care to much…

Goal 1) This year I want to ride 12,500km. – Well on the way having ridden 7432kms thus far, my current weekly average will get me exactly 12550kms by years end, but more volume will be added when it warms up a little.

Goal 2) I want to ride down the coast, for something different! Done, but only as far as Anglesea, will have to head down when the weather warms up, there are a few climbs I’d like to hit up.

Goal 3) I would like to tackle the climbs of south side of Mt Macedon, Donna Buang, Lake Mountain and Falls Creek.
South side of Macedon done, also climbed Mt Buller which said to be more difficult than Lake Mountain and Donna Buang. More climbs to come when the snow disappears.

Goal 4) I would like to do well in Age Group at the 2014 XCO Nationals. Having kids got in the way of that one, always next year!

Goal 5) This year I want to finish strong at the Wombat 100. As above!

Goal 6) This year I want to chase the podium, and hopefully make one of the steps in the 2014 Victorian Enduro Series. Still working on this one, 5 rounds to go!

Goal 7) Start racing road more actively. Done, when I can – Not racing as much as I would like but there is some good ones coming up! I am looking forward to Summer and Crit season that’s for sure.

So that’s my own self validation for now. In all not a bad effort, with some clear goals to shoot for in the next few months.

Let’s Go Racing!
This weekend is VES Rd3, entries in, accommodation booked so LETS GO RACING! I am really looking forward to this event, it was a good one last year until I crashed out destroying my helmet and bruising my ego.

The lead up to the race has been a bit all over the place with a few sleepless nights, and missed riding days due to poor weather (call me soft, but riding in 70km winds and driving rain is not fun). Like always I always come into the event wondering if I’ve done enough, but also knowing I’ve done all I can!


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