Summer Done!

One would be forgiven for thinking I had forgotten about the website – reality is I’ve just been busy, busy with work, busy with life, and of course busy riding my bike while the weather is nice! I’ve managed to clock some 3800km’s over the summer months (Dec-Feb) which includes taking it easy for a few weeks after separating my AC Joint in a racing accident – fortunately the injury although still hurts was relatively minor and didn’t keep me off the bike for long.

So what I have I been up to you ask? Racing of course, summer is Criterium season after all – so the weekends have been full of racing be it with my local Geelong Cycling Club, or with SKCC on alternate weeks. On the Criterium front the racing is going well with each race providing an opportunity to learn new things and push oneself to new limits. The results have been mixed with a number of podiums at local races, strong finishes at St Kilda; but also a number of headshakes as the realization sets in that I’d missed the break, or burnt my box of matches too early in the piece. But with that comes learning!

As does a move to A Grade – this weekend saw my first race in Masters “A” Grade at the much hyped MCL Kermesse at Caribbean Park; I won’t go into too much detail but will say it hurt but the pain soon disappeared on finishing in the front half of the field. I was chuffed, but not chuffed enough to race Elite B Grade as well as I had planned to!!!

Some pictures from summer’s fun!
MCL Kermesse 15.03.2015

GCC Twilight Crit 10.03.2015

GCC Eastern Gardens Crit 22.02.2015

With the end of Summer comes the end of Criterium season, Geelong Cycling Clubs Criterium Championships and a shift in focus back to MTB XCM /Endurance Racing – so best I get out to the shed, dust off the mountain bike and pump up those tires because there is already a healthy season planned with 7 Rounds of Vic Enduro Series pencilled in, and the hope of getting to the XCM Nationals in Tasmania in May.


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