Form, Crashing Down!

It seems to be an all too familiar tale for a cyclist, you spend all summer building, finding form, peaking… Then BAM! It all comes crashing down – in quite a literal sense in this case.

Summer racing was going fantastically, and culminating with racing Master’s A the MCL Kermmese, and the GCC Criterium Champs before starting to focus on my MTB endurance season, which I was hoping to kick off at Wombat 100. Unfortunately fate wasn’t on my side! At the end of my recovery week I hit the road during an altercation with a car, the end result was 5 stitches in my knee and some ligament damage just for good measure. This has resulted in a long, painful and rather slow return to riding. Almost 4 weeks later and I am finally starting to feel like I am pedalling circles again rather than the squares I was last week.

The most frustrating thing is that all of this is the result of circumstances out of my control, placed firmly in the hands of someone in their aluminium box (read Car) obviously too distracted to notice they were 30cm into the shoulder, or even that that nearly driven over the top of me!…

Riding the Form Train, GCC Criterium Champs!

The Good Bits?
With all this bad though, does come some good!.. I somehow managed to convince the wife I needed a 29er Hardtail to race on, so I have spent the last few weeks building up this. Again a bit of a slow process, but building bikes is a process that I enjoy.

…and finally, I am pretty chuffed to announce that Pro4mance – Endurance Sports Nutrition will be supporting my racing endeavours this year with the supply of Hydration and Nutrition products. Check out their website and products at: .


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