Riding On…

It’s been a long time since I updated the page; certainly not though lack of enthusiasm but for lack of news – not a great deal has happened in the past few (winter) months to report on. As mentioned in the post below I managed to get back on the bike properly towards the end of April and since then I have been working on building and maintaining fitness into and through winter which all though sounds easy in principle is quite difficult. Whilst it hasn’t been without it’s setbacks I am happy to report the numbers and fitness are coming up to pre-injury levels.

That said winter in Australia certainly doesn’t throw the same challenges at us as our Northern Hemisphere cousins, but as you can see below it’s far from ideal riding conditions.

– Dark, yep it’s Dark until late in the morning and it gets dark early in the evening.
– Wind, in Geelong winds regularly in excess of 30kph it’s good for kite surfing.
– Rain, it’s wet more often than not.
– All of the above, make for perfect soul crushing riding weather really.

– Ohhh it’s cold too!

Sometimes the biggest challenge is keeping the motivation going which is the dilemma I faced last week, feeling well down and out I struggled to peel myself off the couch. Sitting on the couch watching cooking shows on TV is as boring as batshit and it made me think of something I spotted on the Ouroboros Training Facebook page earlier in the week “if you’re not having fun, why the hell would you do it”! Even though I took Jesse’s comment completely out of the context it was intended it provided the motivation to grab the MTB out of the shed and do what I love most… No numbers! No stats! No Goal! No care! Just focusing on nailing that rocky descent, hammering that steep pinch, just Riding On…

This week, I feel refreshed and recharged – motivated for the rest of the winter and lead upto summer!