Shifting Focus


It has been a long time since my last post, but also since I last raced my MTB; this year I had grand plans of racing and being competitive in the Vic Enduro Series unfortunately injury (ref posts below) and life got in the way meaning the number of hours I’ve spent on the new bike build specifically for XC racing this year can almost be counted on a single hand having clocked up only 100kms or so of dirt riding… Having just moved to QLD’s hotbed of mountain bike action I am hoping to shift the focus back towards the MTB racing that I love, I’d be almost silly not to and here is why…

– I live at the base of Australia’s first MTB Park.
– We have a local Summer XC Series.
– Brisbane also has a Summer XC Series (alternating weeks).
– There is a MTBA National Round is in my front yard.
– I just happen to be going to Vic around the time of MTB National Championships.
– There are plenty of gun riders in town.
– Because 2 x summer series isn’t enough, we have a winter XC series too!!!

Whilst traditionally lot of my MTB Racing in the past has been long game endurance / XCM stuff I am hoping the last 2 years of road and criterium racing in the legs will help with the fast twitch & oxygen demands of the fast pace XCO, certainly the technical skills will take care of themselves as Jubilee is hardly “groomed” single-track, not all that dissimilar to my home turf and provide and ideal training ground for honing technical skills and line choices.

The end of the year is a great time for setting goals for the year to come… This coming year my goals will be rather modest but hopefully achievable as I aim to continue to improve and develop as a cyclist in an attempt to chase my 23 year-old self’s dreams; I hope to continue to improve to a level where I am competitive in A Grade (Road / Crit), Finish <10mins behind the Elite Mens winner at MTB National Championships in March, and also finish with the bunch the Grafton to Inverell and Melbourne to Warrnambool both more inline with my previous racing being long games…

The year was full of ups and downs; since there has been a distinct lack of updates this year here they are in summary form… I hope to update the website more frequently next season, updating with race results, training ideas and also general banter. Anyways that’s it for now, so I will leave you with my Shit List, and of course this Hits too!

The Shit List!
Being hit by a car at the end of summer put me pretty well of the bike for 2 months.
Trying to get back to a level I was at…
Feeling on form, and getting a flat just 3kms into the Geelong CC Road Championship Race (2nd DNF in 2 years)
Shoved into the gutter at Brisbane Kermesse

The Hits…
Doing well at MCL Kermesse and Geelong CC Criterium Championships.
Racing at SKCC Crits
Racing my first CV open Melbourne to Ballarat; getting dropped by the 13min bunch at Pentland Hills not so much of a hit.
Moving to A Grade; not quite “A” Grade yet but getting there!!!
My new bike(s) the Hettly MTB and BH roadie.
Picking up 3rd in my last race with Geelong CC.
Moving to QLD has been a good move.
Riding at Daisy Hill, the place that rebooted this journey 3 years ago!



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